Evolve Landscapes Inc. is an innovative landscape design+build company, specializing in modern, traditional and contemporary residential landscape designs.

What began with one crew and a pick up truck has since grown into three crews who strive for perfection in building beautiful landscapes. Owner Brad Wyness has kept Evolve Landscapes small in order for the crews to be managed efficiently under EL’s leadership program and design vision.

Here at Evolve, we use no middle men or subcontractors. All our own irrigation, electrical, carpentry and of course all landscape related work are done in house. We also strive to stay on the forefront of design and are constantly evolving to create ideas and concepts that clients will love.

Working with you to create your outdoor oasis.

Our design team will work step-by-step with you to ensure we create the perfect outdoor space for you.

Our Landscape Design Process

Our designers work with clients from start to finish. This means we work with you from the initial design to the completion of the project. They are on site to ensure your landscape is completed properly. Through the industry's most advanced designs, finest quality, most efficient service, Evolve Landscapes provides the ultimate value in professional landscape design. Serving clients throughout Edmonton, and surrounding areas. 


An initial meeting with the client to discuss their needs and get a feel for their design tastes.

Our portfolio will be shown to provide inspiration for the space.

Site Survey
and Design

A walk around of the site together to get a feel for the space and begin discussing ideas. 

Design ideas are suggested and the client can get a feel for the designers approach to the space. All measurements and photographs are taken at this point.

Design/Estimate Presentation

The design is presented to the client in person with a cost proposal. At this point changes can be made to the design (if necessary) and subsequent costs adjusted. 


Once the final design and costs are approved by the client, the project can be put in the schedule for construction. 

Why choose Evolve Landscapes?

Here at Evolve, we use no middle men or sub-contractors. All our irrigation, electrical, carpentry and of course all landscape related work are done in house. 

We are constantly evolving not only our expertise in construction, but our design concepts. We are never satisfied with staying the same, we continue to strive to be better for our valuable clients.